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It all started in a small garage, in Ontario, California...


Jay Carter is the founder and designer of the Golden Ratio Amplifier, with 15 years experience in the pro audio industry. As a musician, his passion for the Golden Ratio Amplifier is greatly inspired by his love of music.


“I started working in pro-audio, in the quality control department. I enjoyed my work very much. After many years resolving issues, repairing damaged or defective products (both in the workplace and from friends and family members requesting repairs), I began to think of ways to eliminate the problems and frustrations altogether. That’s when the idea of building the Golden Ratio Amplifier first began.”


In a world where so many products are designed around planned obsolescence; from printers to television sets and even cellphones, the Golden Ratio Amplifier is an amp that’s built to last. Golden Ratio Amplifiers bring heirloom quality craftsmanship to those who truly love their guitar.


Musicians are catching on, and loving the quiet studio recording quality and tone...“You truly haven’t heard your instrument until you have heard it through a Golden Ratio Amplifier.” -Jay Carter


“The tone I have chased since the beginning! I put all the big names to rest. Remarkable amp top notch build amazing quality!!!! I have played Mesa Boogies for many years but after my Golden Ratio Amplifiers, I put up a for sale sign and have not looked back. It's the tone I have been chasing for over 30 years. Thanks, Jay for an amazing amplifier. ” -Chris Bernal, Pro Audio Quality Control

"I love the tone. I love the look. I love the durable dependability of the amp. I love the light weight with big tone and loudness. I love the simplicity of the interface. I've stopped looking for amps and I am enjoying the attention I get from such a sweet and natural tone and beautiful cabinet. Thank you Golden Ratio!"  -Spiro Nicolopoulos, The Paper Crowns - Asheville, NC.

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