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Q:   Why wood cabinets, not tolex, like most amps?


A:  From a import manufacturing standpoint, tolex serves it purpose. It's cheap, somewhat durable, but really ugly. However, when you’re building an amp not just for outstanding quality, but also with the idea of creating an heirloom work of art, wood was the way to go. There is no replacement for the sound and resonance that you get from real wood. My wife had her part in the exterior design of the amplifier too. She said, “you want an amp that is so breathtaking, even wives will enjoy displaying it in their home.” So I listened, and I’ve gotta say, I’m glad I did.”


Q:   Why isn’t there an “a la carte” option, for just the amplifier?


A:    I’ll be honest, building an A to Z product definitely drives up the cost of manufacturing. Each piece of the Golden Ratio Amplifier has been carefully selected. We went through a great deal to ensure that the perfect balance was achieved. Each piece is complementary to the other, from the Sovtek and Tung-Sol  vacuum tubes to exclusive Jensen speakers. The result is the highest quality amplifier, with the highest quality sound. Just plug and play.

Q:   What is the reason for such a simple design?

A:   In my experience, the more features in an amplifier, the more limited it actually is. I spent a lot of years repairing all the "bells and whistles" on other amplifiers and  Hi-Fi equipment and knew that just wasn't the way to go.  Everything you love, nothing you don't.  The Golden Ratio Amplifier is built for the true music lover. Anyone with a pedal and a guitar loves it. 

Q: What is the end goal for Golden Ratio Amplifiers?

A:   We manufacture ahead of orders, but we make limited quantities per year, to ensure the quality is kept to the highest standard and each amp is given the proper energy and attention it deserves. The goal would be that a generation from now, while they may be rare and hard to find, they're still the best. That they stand the test of time in the music world and continue to inspire the concept that American manufacturing can still be built to last.

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