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Designed for the studio recording musician.

The Golden Ratio 1x12" combo has a tube tone that is rich and full. You will find great tone at every level on the dial.

We've hand-picked the best tubes based on decades of testing and experience. The amp chassis is complemented with a craftsman wood cabinet.

We use only the highest quality components to bring you the absolute best experience and most reliable performance of any amplifier ever made.

MIL-SPEC Grade PCB. Assembled and Soldered to NASA J-STD requirements.

Finest Materials

16 gauge Steel Chassis | Metal Speaker Grill Wood Cabinet | Premium Tubes |

Premium American-made electronic components |Top of the line P12N Alnico speaker from Jensen.

Light weight

34 lbs. Lifting it is good for you.

It's basically a kettle bell with a leather handle.


Heirloom Quality

Half-blind dovetail joints |

Craftsman Quality and Strength | Precision Laser Engraving | Custom Laser Engraving available 

Supreme Audio Quality

Bringing the best of the golden age of the Hi-Fi era to Guitar amps.

5 Year Warranty

Not just made in the USA. It's born with soul in Southern California.

Tech Talk

34 Watts Maximum Power Output| 5751 pre-amp with two 12BH7 drivers | 5AR4 full wave rectifier |5881 power tubes|Noise Floor - 70 dBu 10Hz - 80KHz

Switchable between 21 Watts, 13% THD & 8 Watts, 3% THD with a ton of headroom to allow for your favorite effect pedals to drive this amp to the moon.

MSRP $4895

© Handcrafted in Pasadena, California, USA. Golden Ratio Amplifiers All rights reserved.

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